What is this blog about?

Stress-free everyday.

Living with purpose.

Home-centered life.

Embracing your mama side while remaining yourself.

Being deeply YOU.

Enjoying the little things in life.


You’ll find uplifting, delicate words that will make you feel in your place in the world.

At least that is what I hope! For that is why I re-read my own words often.

Life can be a complete joy if you choose to make it that way.

Hope to see you on the blog!


A little bit more about me…

Image: Lil Design. Dress: Homemade by my mother and me.

Hola! I am Verónica.

I love the simple.

The everyday.

Life. My home. My family. Writing.

I am learning to embrace my contradictions and live purposefully anyway: I’m an environmentalist who goes grocery shopping to the supermarket; a homebody who works outside the home; a lover of nature who lives in the city; a writer who doesn’t want to be known.

My biggest goal is to be a good person and enjoy my family.

When I feel like I don’t do enough (I live simply, but I can dream big sometimes) I remember that the most important things in life (living and loving), I do everyday.

I live in the same place where I was born (Barcelona), 36 years ago.

I am mom to two suns and wife to my lifelong companion (I am infinitely thankful to have them in my life).

I write in English and still don’t know why.

Blogging is a delicious personal project I have been nurturing for more than 8 years.

And I am so glad you are here lovely.


Kind words

“I see Verónica as a cheerleader of homemaking”

                                                           Marcela Macías


“Your words are the spoon of honey in my day”

                                                            Yalí Noriega


“Your blog has influenced my life”




My home was featured in IKEA Family Live online magazine and one of my ebooks was included in the 2017 Homemaking Bundle. For collaboration opportunities please email me at veronica@ilovemyhomelife.com


Stay in touch

You won’t find me on social media (I tried but it simply is not for me!) and you can write me at veronica@ilovemyhomelife.com

You can also sign up here to know first hand any updates and get my occasional letters : )


Talk soon!